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Ordering your Gown Online and Alterations


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Dress Remodel of the Day

I once had started with a vision to make a cute, and unique new style that was different from any other dress out there.  It was supposed to have a 50's flare with a modern and innovative style...  Well.... needless to say, It didn't work out so well, as you can see in this sad sad photo.  Yes, I went out on a limb and made a wedding dress from scratch, for no reason other than to design something new, but since I was so annoyed by the outcome of this monstrosity, it sat in a bag in a closet for literally 3 years.

Ordering your Gown Online and Alterations

You bought your wedding dress for $100 online, and you think "Oh my gosh Its too good to be true! Here is my dream gown online! For only $100!"   Fast forward several weeks after you made your purchase, you finally receive your gown in the mail, and VOILA! It doesn't fit!  What happened??   You sent your measurements in when placing your order, wasn't it supposed to fit like a glove?

Well, here's the thing, when you place an order online, a variety of mishaps can happen with that.
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