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Getting your Brows Microbladed? How I determine your brow color

Spokane Microblading, Tattooed Brows and Permanent Makeup.  

     Countless clients first come to me, initially nervous and inquiring on how I will go about determining their brow color.  I thought I would answer that for you here! 
     First I will assess your skin tone - are you a cool or a warm?  To give you a good indication, very few people are "warm," except mainly people who are redheads or those who naturally "pull red".  If you are coined as one of these people you most likely know just who you are.  OR are you a neutral?  Most people are either neutral or cool in skin and hair tone. Is your skin hue of light, medium, or dark?  And what is your natural brow color?  What do your natural hair roots look like in color?       

     When deciding on your brow color I take multiple factors into heavy consideration.  I like to see what color you might use with your brow makeup.  If you are set on this color, and I agree it looks right on you, I'll choose your ink, veering somewhere toward that color direction deciding (based on the colors of your skin, your roots,. and natural existing brow hair) whether or not to go more cool or warm in tone.  Tattooed and Microblade Brows are not just for the ladies who love a dark brow - I have a large array of cool and warm blonde, auburn, gold, brown, and color balancing inks.  I am able to give the fairest of blondes the perfect blonde eyebrows, and copper toned red haired or strawberry blond colored ladies, natural looking and beautifully paired brows as well!  

     If you are a lady who has basically non existing brows and you are extremely nervous, I take extreme caution not to go too dark... In fact -  I will start you out lighter than what I think you should actually go. This is so you will not be terribly shocked upon immediately finishing the procedure.  That being said - I will also start out with your brow shape on the more modest and daintier side.  We can and probably will end up going darker and thicker at your touch up, pending your request to do so of course!  

     If you are a lady who has worn her hair a very dark color for many years, and is completely committed to it, and you tend to paint on your brows dark, heavy and thick on the daily  - then I will start you out with likely a neutral medium to dark brown.  This is usually the perfect starting point for a brunette.  When the procedure is finished - The first two days afterward are the darkest your brows will be, as they will fade up to 40% in the next two weeks.  Remember - it is always easier to ad more color and fullness later, so I prefer to ease you into the world of permanent makeup at first! 

     If you are naturally grey or white - well this is where we have a little more creative license.  A more mature lady usually has a very heavily precedented preference in the way she wants her makeup and brow/ hair color.  I can usually tell if she was once a natural blond or brunette in her youth, and we will choose a color based on this information, as well as her general skin tone and preference.  If she is a white to light grey in hair color, I tend to go more on the blonde side.  But if she is a dark salt and pepper color range, a bit darker and cooler of a brown will usually be a good fit on her.  

     Most importantly - I definitely take a woman's preference for color into heavy consideration when choosing your ink/s.  I will take your requests alongside my knowledge of color and skin tones, and come up with your color - all things considered.  My goal is to have 100% satisfaction with my clients!  

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