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Permanent Makeup and Microblade Brows!

11250074 10153759170993620 2023208683213085419 nReAnne - Permanent Makeup - Microblade Brows, Permanent EylelinerPermanent Makeup!  Microblade Brows!  Have you heard of them or seen them on Facebook? Probably - because I have been literally BLASTING my work all over my Social media pages!  I am in LOVE with the art of Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow shaping!  Have you ever really noticed how big a difference great eyebrows can make for someone's face?  Nothing like a clean, perfectly shaped and pronounced brow to compliment someone's face! I just can't get enough of this!
First, many ladies have been asking "What is Permanent Makeup and what is the difference between that and Microblading?"  Permanent Makeup is a gentle form of tattooing and refers to the scope of the whole face, as in Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lipliner or Full Lips - and sometimes Blush.  Microblade is a type of method for the eyebrows, where instead of filling the brows in like a soft powder fill (I love this method too if that is what you prefer!), we use a fine sloped needle to apply ink in strokes that are so thin they resemble hair.  This method looks more natural if done correctly. 

Why would a lady consider getting permanent makeup though?  Women do it for lots of reasons, they just want to be wearing makeup all the time, obviously!  No, but seriously, some ladies have a little more serious reasoning behind making the choice to get a Permanent Makeup procedure done.  Some reasons include:  The brows are too sparse and misshaped due to reasons such over plucking.  Eyesight - of course!  Why had I never realized this before?  If you have to wear glasses to see anything at all, then surely putting your makeup on would be no different of a task than any other where its kind of important to see, so how can we expect a lady with bad eyesight to put her brows or eyeliner on with perfection every single day? Well, we can't, and then we see these poor ladies all over town who look perpetually surprised or confused - perhaps angry at times! More reasons - Scars such as Cleft Lip, Lack of Pigment in areas, Patchiness in areas of the lips or brows, or lack of fine motor coordination.  Applying makeup can be quite the task for ladies who have conditions due to such illnesses as MS, or Parkinsons, or really anyone with a shaky or unsteady hand.   Imagine the difference that a permanent makeup procedure would make for someone who struggled with one of these things on a daily basis. 

Women are always asking me what the procedure is like.  Well at fist, we'll have a very lengthy consultation.  This can be done independently of the appointment or with the appointment, but if you opt to do it independently of the actual procedure, we will wait until the day of your procedure to work on shape and design, but in both cases - the first thing we'll do is go over the formalities of the procedure and I'll answer any questions you have for me, as well as make the ultimate decision as to whether or not this procedure is right for you.  We will go over your medical history together to make sure there is no reason we should NOT go forward.  I will then put numbing agent on the area we are going to be tattooing. Next, you will tell me how you like to do your makeup or what you envision.  I will listen to your input while using my best judgement in shaping your brows, liner, or lips with actual makeup and a sharpie marker.  You will also be able to choose from a wide variety of colors that we will make sure agrees with and compliments your coloring.  Once we are both on the same page as far as how you want your permanent makeup to look, we begin the procedure.  You will be involved with the process  the entire time.  The pickier you are, the BETTER the final outcome will be, so don't be shy about telling me what you want! The entire procedure from start of consultation and paperwork, to the end result, should only take two hours - the tattooing part can take from about 20 to 45 minutes.  

The FULL PRICED procedure includes TWO FREE touch up for up to one year after the initial procedure.  The purpose of the touch up is to perfect the saturation and shape, as sometimes it is difficult to know exactly how the tattoo will heal, as everyone's skin holds ink a little differently.  Permanent Makeup should last at least two to six years, but can last longer.  However because we are dealing with your face, permanent makeup ink was designed with larger molecules to prevent ink migration, but with these larger molecules, the ink will tend to fade a little quicker than an actual body tattoo, which actually can be a blessing for some who like to rethink their look a little bit every five years or so.  It is the same as any tattoo in that eventually you will likely need a touch up, but any touch up after one year, is only $75, if it is my original work.  

Tessas brows Permanent Makeup, Microblade BrowsTo view my current services offered as well as pricing, please visit http://www.facesbyjenniferwelch.com/Permanent-Makeup.htmlI.  To make an appointment please don't hesitate to call or text me directly at 509-919-9915, or you can email Jennifer@facesbyjenniferwelch.com.  I hope this has helped in answering some of your most common and important questions! I look forward to meeting you soon!

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